See The World Group (STW) is a global investment company committed to excellence in hospitality and development. With a strategic focus on the United States and Vietnam, STW has established a portfolio of thriving projects.

In Vietnam, our flagship destination, Skylight Nha Trang, is an iconic rooftop beach club that has welcomed over 2 million visitors and has been celebrated as one of the “Top 5 Things to Do in Nha Trang” by Vietnam Timeless Charm. Skylight is renowned for its vibrant entertainment and breathtaking views, making it a source of pride for the city and a must-visit destination. East West Brewing Co., one of Vietnam’s first microbreweries, offers award-winning craft beers made from the finest ingredients sourced from the East to the West, providing world-class flavors to the Vietnamese community.

In the United States, Camphor in Los Angeles, awarded a Michelin Star, showcases our dedication to exceptional culinary experiences and superior design quality. Lock & Key, also in Los Angeles, is a distinguished venue known for its unique ambiance and innovative cocktail offerings.


Lock & Key, Los Angeles, USA (2013)
Skylight, Nha Trang, Vietnam (2015)
East West Brewing Co, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (2017)
East West Brewing Co, Da Nang, Vietnam (2023)
Camphor, Los Angeles, USA (2021)

Nha Trang



Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Embracing new challenges, STW has expanded into the burgeoning esports industry through GAM Entertainment. This venture includes GAM Esports, a 10-time League of Legends and SEA Games gold medal team. Together with our branding agency, Brandbox, we aim to blend expertise to create a world-class championship team that inspires future generations.

GAM Entertainment is dedicated to uniting and inspiring the youth through gaming and media entertainment. Our mission is to establish Vietnam as a definitive leader in the esports industry, creating a platform that nurtures talent and promotes a high-performance leadership culture.


GAM Entertainment, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (2021)
GAM Esports, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (2014)


Brandbox, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (2014)